Edinburgh Investment Trust confirm Barnett as the new manager - Read our view


The board ended speculation this morning that they might put the management of the trust out to tender following the resignation of Neil Woodford. The
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I was sure if would follow Woodford to his new firm.

Bit of a lost opportunity if you ask me. How is he going to differentiate three income trusts?

I’m not saying Barnett isn’t a good manager but he has trusts already.

Bad decision Board.


I think Perpetual Income & growth will merge with Edinburgh. I don’t know much about Keystone though.

Perpetual & Edinburgh are different though, the latter is more dividend focused whilst the Perpetual trust is more growth focused. If they can maintain both I’m sure there’ll be a place for both of them but I can’t see Bartlett managing Edinburgh exactly like Woodford, that’s why I think they’ll merge.


If you see the attached Perpetual Income & Growth has been the best performer out of the three.

I’m not sure they will merge any of them but they will have make them clearly different from each other. That might be a little hard if it’s the same man running all three and they are all in Income/growth category in the UK.


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I wonder if Woodford will launch a new investment trust or takeover an existing one. Be good if he did.

He’s always been a kind of secret little crush of mine. :slight_smile: