Do you follow John Baron?


I recently subscribed and also read JB’s column in IC. One observation is that some of his trusts are not the most popular and even on this site’s buy list, not many are mentioned. I follow Winter as I’m close to retirement


I used to watch them but no longer. He seems to base as much of his selection on macro-economic guesswork as the rest of us, looks at a funds track record in spite of the health warnings about 'past performance ’ etc. and doesn’t pay as much attention to objective and quantifiable factors such as the level of fees and discount.


You make some interesting points. Thank you. The fact that very few of his trusts are featured on this site’s buy list raised a few questions for me. Any merit is starting a 'trusts for income in retirement ’ thread?


The thing you’ve got to bear in mind with buy lists or model portfolios @brightonbee is they are not generated with your specific needs in mind. They don’t know what you’re investing for, how long you will be invested for and what your needs for growth or income are.

I just use them as somewhere to generate ideas from where I can do research of my own.