Dividend hero City of London continues to perform


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City of London became the first trust to record 50 unbroken years of ever increasing dividends, an amazing feat, that long term manager Job Curtis is set to improve upon. Is there a secret recipe to its success? I’ve been taking a closer look to find the answer……… A number of investors and perhaps the…


I’m a big fan of City of London, it has served me very well. I hope it doesn’t grow so large however that it dampens performance.

What I really like about it is it always recovers fairly quickly after a market downturn and as was pointed out in the article, it doesn’t usually fall as far and as fast as either the wider stock market or other funds, including those in the same sector.

Another concern would be Job Curtis retiring, so I really hope you are correct in your assertion that it is unlikely in the near term at least.


I think that @jkstowe got it spot on here, and nice of you to quote from one of your readers Which investment trust because I find some of the most useful advice I get from these forums.

I think this is probably Henderson’s best trust/fund, we have discussed Henderson in another forum related to their merger with Janus, but if the fallout from that sees Job Curtis go, Henderson would come to an end in my view. This is a core holding for all planet earth (bit of an exaggeration perhaps, lol), it’s just a classic steady as she goes essential to own fund.


City of London is a core holding for me and also now for my young niece and nephew, only they don’t know it yet as they’re only two years old.

Investment trusts seem to attract good managers like this who then stay on for a very long time. I don’t exactly know the reason why they seem t prefer managing them over funds but maybe they find it easier to beat the market or the index or whatever with them.

What ever the reason, this is a top fund!