Diverse Income’s Contrarian approach is delivering good results


Manager Gervais Williams has a very good track record to support his contrarian views. Additionally, investing in this trust might add much needed sto
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This is a really good article. It seems thorough and I think I want to invest in this. He has some passionate views or he come across like that (I mean the manger, Gervais someone?).
I agree it will go well with other funds and maybe be a bit of an insurance policy because it wont react in the same way in tough times.

Just one thing, don’t want to sound like I’m moaning but I like to see a small excerpt or highlights of an article. Just a few lines.

i only registered recently and I probably sound like I’m giving you a lot of abuse. I love the site and I find it really useful. I just want to give some feedback.


Hi Sam,
Your feedback is very welcome and you are not abusing us at all. In fact it is very welcome.
An article synopsis is a really good suggestion. It is something we have done in other articles and I agree would be useful in long Analyst pieces like this.

I’m sure we’ll take this up.
Many thanks, the WIT Team