Diverse Income cuts its management fee despite insatiable demand


The Diverse Income Trust has agreed to reduce the management fee but only for assets over £300 million which will enjoy a 0.80% fee compared to 1% for
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He is a very talented manager running a strategy that is at the limits of what he’ll accept. It’s great that he’s reduced the fees therefore, and it is the right thing to do too.

It’s the kind of fund you can just tuck away and forget about for 5-10 years. If you don’t already own it, add it to your buy list and sink your funds in as and when the premium falls (which it will).


I bought it shortly after launch, I’m with you @Steelman a great fund with a very talented manager.

Because his open ended fund is closed to new money though, there is a lot of demand for the trust. Might be a while before the premium dissapears.


Well done to the board for negotiating a discount in such circumstance. Demonstrates the advantage and the power of independent investment trust boards.