Discount opportunity as Baillie Gifford snatches Schroder UK Growth


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The underperforming manager has been sacked, creating a short term opportunity to profit from a narrowing discount. The Board of Schroder UK Growth (LON:SDU) has decided to move the investment mandate to Baillie Gifford and has issued the required three month notice to Schroder’s. The trust has consistently traded on a wide discount in recent…


I used to own this when Buxton managed it but I sold it when his replacement who didn’t last very long or do very well, left.

This looks like a smart move though. I’ve not heard of the new managers but if they’re as good as their Baillie Gifford colleagues this could get interesting.

The share price has now gone up 5.5% today. I’m not sure how much that will have shrank the discount, Morningstar aren’t fast in updating this sort of data, but I guess the opportunity is shrinking.


This was a star performer when Buxton managed it, sad to see how badly it has done since.

While I agree that moving it to BG is smart @jonno I don’t think I want to own much more in the UK until this messy Brexit nonsense is sorted. Having said that, it could take years until we see how damage is done and before the Brexit voters realise, oh right, trade deals mean giving something up you might not wanna give up - what was that about gaining sovereignty!