Direct lender Ranger to list in London proffering a 10% yield


The new trust is hoping to raise £135 million to lend to US SMEs fulfilling the role traditionally played by regional US banks who are challenged by r
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A 10% dividend is huge. Very tempted to move my Cash ISA to this.

If I read the article right the performance fee is after the dividend, so it won’t interfere with it?


Yes they are saying it’ll be a 10% yield after all costs @galestone.

It is a lot more risky than a cash ISA though so I wouldn’t go thinking it’s the same. I don’t know how experienced you are at investing but to me they guys are a little unproven.

For me personally I’d be happy to wait a little and see how it performs.

And the advice about reading the prospectus is good advice if you ask me.


I think this closes tomorrow. I applied £3k worth and my Mum and Dad have bought some too. Basically it’s the 10% dividend that’s appealed because that’s really an incredible amount. I know it’s not guaranteed and it’s a new trust and the article here suggests waiting until you see how it performs but we’re willing to take a change.

Anyway, the guy who wrote this has applied too, so he’s taking bit of a risk as well.


Anyone heard any news about this yet? I logged in to my dealing account but the cash is still sitting there assigned to Ranger Direct but not invested.

I wonder if they raised enough cash. They seemed to rush it through and there wasn’t a lot of coverage beside a small article in the Sunday Times and the more substantial one on here.


@Casper: they’ve certainly raised their cash, the RNS says that the issue was oversubscribed, but it doesn’t say by how much. It just says that the target amount has been reached. Either way, safe to assume that this is a ‘go-er’, but nothing to say if there will be any scaling back. I’d assume that your money will be deducted tomorrow or the day after. Trading doesn’t commence until Friday.



I am surprise it did so well when they are so new.

I looked at this but decided I prefer to wait so I can see if it performs like they said. I applied for the new Miton fund instead but I will keep an eye on this for future.