Democrats or republicans – does it make a difference for investors?


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With the election for presidential candidates grabbing the attention because of the verbal diarrhoea from a man with the yellow mullet, but does it make any difference which party occupies the oval office? New research suggests it does. Common perception suggests that a Republican government and its pro-business policies should be positive for the US…


This election is looking more like God help American and than God Bless America.

I have watched two of the Republican debates, shocking stuff. I always think of American’s as being fairly similar to us, and I believe the Democrats kind of are but the Republicans illustrate just how different we are.

Our Tory party is much closer to the Democrats than to the Republicans. I mean even Obama’s gun policy where he wanted to limit mentally ill people buying guns (crazy idea huh!) is extreme for us.


It’s hilarious how hated both of the leading Republican leader candidates are. Hopefully it will make Hilary Clinton’s candidacy for President a shoe in because she would do a better job than other of the other options.