Citywire Investment Trust Insider is out


Really good content such as:

Top 50 investment trusts for your ISA
A special edition of Investment Trust Insider looking at the best investment trusts for your stocks and shares ISA (individual savings account).

you need to register but it’s worth it…


Thanks, good find.

Seems like investment trusts are flavour of the moment and everyone is covering them.

this looks pretty good though.


I just registered. They produce a magazine you can download as a PDF. Tons of good information in there.

Well worth registering.

The forums seem pretty good too.


Citywire doing something in Investment Trusts, that surprises me.

I used to work in financial services as a Paraplanner, they rarely covered them then.

Unfortunately I cant register from work, servers block it.

I’ll check it out later.

Thanks for sharing though.