Chinese market decline makes attractive entry point for Fidelity China


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China is an unpopular destination for the hard cash of many investors at present as the country is on the receiving end of Donald Trump’s trade war but could they be missing a trick? Fidelity China Special Situations of Investment Trust (LON:FCSS) has seen its home stock market in China decline by 20 per cent…


Oh you are a contrarian! You may well be right though, indeed from a long term perspective I’m sure you are right. I note that is the criteria for your Buy-list.

I still prefer to get my China explore from a regional trust though I have added this one to my watch list.


I agree this does seem to be a very well managed trust but I think I’d prefer to wait a little to see how the Chinese will respond to Trump. I get the point about Trump being priced in but what if they haven’t in fact priced in Trump or Xi’s next move.


I think you are right here guys and this is a good time to get in to China and this Nicholls guy seems like a safe pair of hands.

I remember this trust floating, there was a lot of publicity around it because of the star manager as you say but I had had forgotten about it so it’s nice to see t is actually doing pretty well.

Good article.


I wondered why my Henderson Far East Income trust which has a large Chinese portfolio was in the doldrums at the moment.


Yeah but most funds are in the doldrums at some point @handymoney I don’t know your reason or need for investing in it but if you can wait it will probably come right eventually.


Yeah @neilwinn, while paying you a very nice divi :yum:


It you invested in it for the income it shouldn’t matter too much how the shareprice is doing @handymoney unless it’s an indicator that the divi is at risk.


This does seem more impressive than I had thought after reading this, but I would wait until we see how the China Trump situation plays out because even thought the portfolio of this trust is pointed towards domestic Chinese consumption the share prices will still tank if Trumps war really takes off.