China is looking really scary - any ITs have much invested there?


Market is seriously crashing, this looks like more than a simple correction to me. I wonder if many investment trusts have much invested in China mainland shares.

I really don;t know the answer but I wonder.


Henderson Far east Income has just under 24% in China but the share price is up 3% today so the market doesn’t seem too worried.


Fidelity China Special Situations is an obvious one along with JPMorgan Chinese investment trust.

Other than those two some of the global funds will have money there though I’m sure who.

I know Scottish Mortgage has holdings in Chinese tech stocks. Last time I checked it was something in the order of 10-12%.

Some of the Global Emerging Markets trusts will have exposure too.


Not only is Henderson Far East Income up but the yield according to the AIC is 6.4% !

That’s an awful lot. Can it really be that high?


A laborious process, but starting here, selecting each trust in turn and then clicking on the Portfolio tab will help to narrow down the possibilities. Then repeating for Asia inc Japan, Asia Country Specific, Global EMs, and - if you still have the will to live - the other Global sectors might give the answers! :smile:

But even here there are limitations because some trusts group Hong Kong in with China, and even if they don’t then HK might still include mainland companies in the form of H shares.


You’re gonna be up all night then @arkwelder :kissing_heart: