China – Don’t panic says Henderson manager at our recent seminar


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The manager of Henderson Far East Income challenged the impression of many on investing in China, and presented evidence that suggests the most referred to economic indicators miss the real story. Fast Facts The Chinese economy has been slowing down for some time though still growing The slowdown has been most pronounced in the industries…


He makes a very interesting and passionate argument for investing in China right now and he has put his money where his mouth is with 23% invested in China.

It is I think hard to disagree with the numbers he presents, even though I feel a bit queasy investing in China right now with all the bad headlines he mentions in his talk.

The dividend yield he is getting is very large though, much larger than UK/US/EU alternatives, I wonder if this is because of the discount he is buying Chinese shares at or is it something else?

Also, I like it when you tell us what stake the manager has in his trust @whichinvest because it makes me fell a little bit more comfortable knowing they buy it too. I like than he has been around as the manager for some time though, that is a positive for me.


It’s a contrarian view he’s taking but I do agree with @andre that it is well presented. The important thing is to hold him to his view if you make an investment. Remember why you’re investing and what your fund manager claims the investment is all about.

If I was an income investor I’d definitely stick a pound or two in to this trust but I’m wondering how good an investment it might be for younger growth types like me, because income can also be about growth if you reinvest your divi’s.


For an income investor this seems like a no brainier for me but for a growth investor like you @citygirl it is a little different.

Whilst the income has been superb here and Mike Kersley the manager has a well argued thesis as to why there’ much more to come, he just might be wrong.

I don’t know your age range but if you’re in the 20-40s age bracket and have money to invest you wont need to access for many years such as in your pension then this might be a good option for you.

Kersley got off to a slow start the first couple of years in to the job but he seems to be in his stride now and to be making a decent go of it.


It has been a pretty good investment for any type of investor since Kersley took over except for the past year if you look at the numbers @pauls. I wasn’t able to come along to this event but I looked at two of his video interviews on youtube, there’s links to them here he comes across as the sort of bloke you’d meet down the pub whose a little bit ordinary, even dull but he’s got a bit of a talent as a fund manager.