Challenges remain but Henderson Alternative Strategies is making progress


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Henderson Alternative Strategies has a new name but similar challenges, as this specialist multi-manager trust seeks to reposition its portfolio we look at how it’s progressing. Henderson Alternative Strategies (LON:HEST) is the new name for Henderson Value Trust, which Henderson was awarded management of only in April 2013 from SVM (Scottish Value Management). The trust…


I’d want to see more of a sign that the new investments are starting to work before I’d start investing.

I get the idea behind this trust, it’s kind of grouping together the type of investments that it can be hard to get your head around, or at least take some effort in fully understanding all of the opportunities and risks, but we’ve seen some of the professionals at the SVM group get it wrong and the jury is still out on the Henderson guys.


The best time to buy a stock or a trust is often when new management come in fired up to turn it around.

This is always going to be a higher risk trust but I suspect that now the Russian and mining investments have gone this one might being to perform.


I’m with you @citygirl I think this is very interesting right now though I’m not 100% sure they’re got it right, they got the mining investments wrong but I suppose most did too.

I am tempted by this one, might swap my American ETFs in to this. I think the US is looking too dear.