Carillion collapse


Could anybody shed some light please as to whether they think, the collapse of Carillion will have any adverse effect on the John Laing Infrastructure Investment Trust, as I have just invested 5% of my Drawdown Account hoping to receive some dividend income ? I believe they mainly deal with completed PPP projects.
Thank you


The company have apparently reported that the impact will not be significant


The Investment Adviser believes that the compulsory liquidation of Carillion should have no material impact on the Company.

Carillion provides management services for the relevant facilities and these are still going to be generating an income regardless of CLLN - I can’t see that emergency services facilities or a road are going to suddenly cease operations (although kids might be hoping for a bit of an extra holiday in the case of the schools!). What JLIF is in the process of doing is to find an alternative provider to take over the management services.

Keep an eye out on JLIF’s web-site or similar for updates on the situation