Can anyone advise me on portfolio monitoring software?


I want to set up a dummy investment portfolio for my kids but it would really help if there was somewhere online where we could enter the details and monitor the portfolio including trades, dividend payment etc - does anyone know of anywhere we could do this?

Prefer free software but if not I’m prepared to pay for it.


Do you know Digital Look? you can add shares on there. I’m not sure if you can add ETFs and OIECs though.


…is pretty good. It handles divi payments well. Free to use too.


I thought you would need a subscription to the FT for this @rogerdecrecy which I have but I’ve been asked this question before too. I know you can save your portfolio with Digital look too but I don’t know how good they are.


Thanks for the tips @rogerdecrecy @jonno I’ll check out both. I though you would need a subscription to the FT to use their software, which I don’t have.


No subscription is needed to the FT site but you have to register (free) as I have done.


Trustnet and Morningstar both have Portfolio tools, although I can’t specifically comment on the latter as I have never used it, and it has been quite a while since I looked at the Trustnet offering.

I think that some of these tools are fine when starting from scratch, but if you’re several years down the line then you don’t always get the full benefits unless all historic transactions are entered - certainly not for performance comparisons.


What do you use then @arkwelder, Excel?

I use Alliance trust savings which isn’t that great. I have sued Morningastar but I found it too complex. It seems to be designed with brokers/wealth managers in mind but they sell it to ordinary people like me with not much changed.

I don’t recommend Morningstar but hey, maybe @rogerdecrecy’s option is the solution for you @khalidkhan.


Yes @mikemoore. It is probably more long-winded than having an online portfolio, but it does allow me to set it up how I want and I am not tied to using a specific platform. And the earliest spreadsheet that I have is for 1993 - so a tad before online offerings were available!

#10 is good and also Bloomberg have an offering deep in their system on mobile app. If large number of shares a spreadsheet can have prices updated from data downloads from ADVFN (but need to pay). I don’t trust Morningstar on Investment Trust data yet except price at close :confused: .