BlackRock World Mining digs for income


Investment Trust Analyst revisits BlackRock World Mining as the board of the £900 million trust is to ask shareholders for approval to widen its inves
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I like the yield here but I’m still not sure about China and if its slow down is done yet.

I suppose it might rest on what they buy. I’m not sure I really fully understand this royalty arrangement. Is it like music publishing royalties?


Yeah it is similar to music royalties. I have shares in Anglo Pacific and that’s all they do, buy royalty streams in the oil industry.

I reckon this is a good idea. It seems like anything that pays a bit of divided goes up in price these days.



I like the sound of this trust. Seems like now might be rock bottom and a good time to buy.
My problem is I always wait for things to go down that little bit further and then miss them.

Maybe I’ll be a little bit faster this time.

I wonder if Evy Hambro is part of the Hambro banking family?


I bought some for my SIPP yesterday.

What I like about this is the fact that they’re focussing on getting extra revenue to pay a dividend puts a floor on the share price. Like Dice Mccairn says in the article people will push the price up of anything that pays income.

Even if the market for mining products doesnt get going right away I dont think there’s a huge chance that the shares will go down much from here, and even if they do i’ll be getting paid a dividend while I wait.