BlackRock World Mining - An adventurous income option


For most of the last decade it was fashionable to believe in the “supercycle”, a multi-decade trend of higher commodity prices driven by the rapid pac
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I think there are better and less risky ways to go for growth and income.

If I want growth I prefer technology or biotech trusts. For income lets not get too complicated and go for something like City of London, or Scottish Investment Trust.

There are more posts on this trust on another forum if anyone is interested.


Yes but it does provide a little bit of diversity to your portfolio @Lukas. What I actually mean by this is commodities might do well when other investments are doing badly.

I don’t have much in this sectors, perhaps 4% overall and mainly through BlackRock World Mining.

Incidentally, what are Charles Stanley Direct? Are they just the online part of Charley Stanley stockbrokers I wonder?


Yes but the problem here @Smithy101 is that BlackRock World Mining mainly invest in equities and is indeed an equity itself. Therefore what you are more likely to find is that its share price will behave exactly like an equity rather than the underlying asset class or classes it owns.

This is not an argument against investing in this trust, I think it is a rather good trust, my favourite for exposure to this sector.

Incidentally, there’s a forum on the site where people are discussing this sector too…