BlackRock Frontiers proffers high growth and dividends – should you buy it?


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Why would anyone want to invest in Frontier markets; isn’t the world dangerous enough? I hear you ask. Well what if it wasn’t as risky as you feared, and has acquired a habit of paying good dividends, interested to find out more? Fast Facts Launched in 2010 Invests across Frontier markets for growth Pays a…


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Most investors are familiar with emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil. These nations have grown rapidly over the past couple of decades and provided investors with substantial returns – albeit with significant volatility along the way. They have also matured. Their pace of economic growth remains exciting, but it has moderated, often increasingly…


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An increasing number of investors are looking seriously at frontier markets. This has led to a period of strong performance by BlackRock Frontiers Trust. Stephen Peters from Charles Stanley Direct provides an update. In a low-growth world investors are constantly looking for attractively-priced assets that offer the potential for capital appreciation – and ideally produce…


It is a bit counter intuitive to read that Blackrock frontiers is less risky that developed markets. I wonder if you could consider investing in this fund instead of a normal emerging markets fund. Does anyone do that?

I own Henderson far east income, I wouldn’t swap that for this but I might buy some of this to hold alongside it. This would probably deliver higher growth I should expert in the long term.


I wouldn’t but this on a premium but I’ve added it to my watch list. If the premium goes down I’ll look at it then.

There have got to be opportunities in frontier markets long term, with all the population growth, and the world slowly moving towards better Government, we see that in Africa. Just not on a 5% premium thanks.