Big winners in the Investment Week Investment Company of the year awards


Henderson and Baillie Gifford won most overall awards, with Aberdeen winning best group, and Miton winning best specialist group in a night that witne
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There’s not an awful lot of surprises there though the EP Global opportunities one I’ve never heard of.

Glad to see James Henderson get a special award, that must be deserved. I like Diverse Income too.

Little bit surprised JP Morgan came second in the best group. I would have selected Henderson first then probably Aberdeen.

Be interesting to see if this affects demand for the winners.


Oh there are a few surprises there, best UK Smaller Companies going to Strategic Equity Capital - who the heck are they?


Henderson European Focus is a great trust I’ve done well from, not sure how different it is from the other Henderson one though. I also think James Henderson’s award is well deserved, and Baillie Gifford is who I would choose for Japan.

I reckon Picton is a better bet right now though for property than the Standard Life winner. It’s on a big discount unlike the Standard Life fund.


What is comforting is that a lot of the winners have been recommended on, its comforting because I bought some of them. I bought Lowland, Diverse Income, Henderson European Focus, Aberdeen New Dawn, Baillie Gifford Japan, and Finsbury Growth and Income.

Thank you and a big kiss. Thank you also to all of the helpful chappies and chappets in the discussion forums.

I originally found this site through watching This Morning on ITV and seeing Martin Lewis come on. That took me on to where someone told me that something called an investment trust would beat my Nationwide ISA and I should have a look on here. That seems like ages ago but it weren’t, and I’m still not an expert but look how much I’ve learned.

Anyone need me to explain discounts to them :wink: