Better Investor: The AIC website offers a variety of tools to help your investment prowess


There are a number of great resources and tools online some free, some paid for that can help make the job of investing easier. In the first of a new
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I wasn’t aware they provided this. it looks great, they should publicise it more.

My SIPP/Savings is with Hargreaves. They have some tools but although I don’t use investment trusts alone, I mostly prefer them and Hargreaves tools aren’t so great here, though they have good information/news/reviews of investment trusts.

I’ll be using this from now on though it would be useful if there was a way of linking it to my Hargreaves account or downloading my Hargreaves holdings so I could compare and analyse them easier.



My major port of call on the AIC web-site is to Announcements (i.e. News->Announcements). It brings into a single place all of the RNS releases for ITs (for those that are AIC members, that is). The default is to exclude those concerning NAV, but it is easy enough to include them if they are of interest).

I tend to use the ‘Analyse ICs’ section more than ‘Find and Compare’: the use of tabbed pages on the former allows for a greater amount of data to be compared, and I tend to be more interested in NAV total returns rather than share price. (Perhaps it’s just terminology, but I wouldn’t say that it is possible to filter on dividends an the like - sort in to ascending or descending order, yes; not what I’d describe as ‘filter’ though).

One thing that I do miss is a separate listing of split-capital trusts. Being able to quickly compare hurdle rates, etc., for different share classes would still be beneficial even with the reduced number of relevant companies (R.I.P. SplitsOnline, you are sorely missed). I realise that the data exists in the monthly stats, but this isn’t quite the same as having the data updated daily - and on an easy-to-read web-page rather than in a big PDF document.



I like the AIC website because its a great source of information.

One suggestion I would have for is I really find the reviews and stories you have useful but if would be handy if you would like to the data on the AIC website because then I can always and easily find up-to-date figures.

I know you do your really good metrics at the bottom of articles, which is useful but I also want to get up to date stuff for article I read a while after they first publish and that happens a lot.

It would be great if you could alternately get Moringnstar or some such data yourself but I suppose that would be quite expensive.

I hadn’t discovered the ‘Announcements’ section @arkwelder (If I’ve got the naming thing right? Bit like Twitter I think). Good discovery there.



@MattS Linking to data on the AIC website sounds like a good idea.

We are working on integrating more tools and features later this year.

We’ll let you know when we have firm plans.

Thanks for your feedback.


I use the AIC website too. One improvement I wish they’d make is to store your portfolio on there, not just your watch list.


It’s a great website and resource though, especially as it is all free just like

I never knew they had announcements though, I’d been using RNS but this is better because it filters out IT’s. Thanks for that @ArkWelder.


I hadn’t noticed the glossary section or the announcements. I’ll be using both in future.

I like the idea of being able to save all of your portfolio @Mohammed.

I don’t understand Split cap trusts @Arkwelder. Maybe you or this site could do something on them because I’d like to know more. Or maybe there is a good easy to undersand guide out there somewhere.


@Steve, an intro to split caps can be found on the AIC’s web-site at

To get to this from the home page select the Guide to investment companies link on the right-hand sinde of the menu at the top of the page, just below the AIC’s logo, then the Split capital investment companies link down in the What are investment companies? section.

What are investment companies?


Split caps can be very profitable but they got a bad reputation with the scandal where they all owned a bit of each other over a decade ago.

I’ve not read the AIC guide but an idiots guide article would be useful, like your done for Bonds elsewhere on here.


I don’t use the AIC website I get Morningstar data through my platform which is great for researching funds.

Investors Chronicle is good too for investment trusts, especially John Barron’s portfolios.