Baillie Gifford Japan keeps on delivering


Whilst weary investors are warming Prime Minister Abe’s reform program for an economy that’s witnessed several false starts, Baillie Gifford Japan has
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I have shares in Shin Nippon which is Baillie Gifford as well. I don’t know how but I had thought the performance of this one was pants.

Don’t get me wrong, Shin Nippon is bloody brilliant. It’s on the buy-list on as well but how on earth have they got two really good trust in the same sector?

Now should I split my Shin Nippon holding or buy BG Japan with new money?
How much is too much in Japan?


I have BG Japan and I think it’s great. It’s been good for me @alexbarr but there aint no harm in splitting it between two good ones.

My Mrs is always criticising me though because I buy too many shares in different companies. Actually I don’t have as many now as I did but I used to have over 100 different shares and she was right I couldn’t really keep up with them (I didn’t lose money on them though).