As reaches a new milestone we wanted to share our plans with you


We have just gone through our 1,000 member sign up to our community of investors, just as we’ve also had our first 10,000 unique visitor month, with 1
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Don’t think I’ve been here from the start but I’ve been here for a wee while. I like the site and I like it getting busier, especially on the forums.

In terms of suggestions I’d like to be able to get more information and data, like fact sheets, or live data, that would be useful.

Thumbs up from me though guys, you’re doing well.


I’ll be interested to see how the badge system works out, I hope you make mine pretty :slight_smile:

I use several different websites but I always come back to here because the reviews are good quality.

I agree with @AlexBarr factsheets and more data would be good.


I think one thing I would find useful is to be able to save my investments and their value somewhere. So if you could add software that allows this then that would be good for me.

But I would agree with the other comments, it is a good website. It has explained to me better to understand investment trusts. I’m from France (though now live in the UK), and we don’t have them there.

All my ISA and most of my SIPP is in investment trusts and all because they mentioned this site in the Financial Times.

I have found the people who the the forums to be friendly rather than rude, which is how they are on some sites.


I only joined a couple of weeks ago. What I enjoy about your site so far is the apparent impartiality of the your analysis. My criticism of some websites and magazines is that they are too often written by journalists, who are fed stories by PR teams, and they just don’t know what they are talking about.

I’m not sure I’m necessarily looking for more features because I already have them elsewhere but I would be glad if you simply keep producing interesting and well researched features or analysis on trusts.