As enjoys its highest monthly traffic we'd like to share our plans with you


December 2014 saw us smash through the 40,000 unique visitor count, but we have ambitious plans for 2015 which we’d like to share with you. Throughout
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Great to see it doing well. I think I’m one of your early guys, but it’s great to see something I discovered is doing so well, not that I’m saying it’s all down to me (bloody well am!).

I’m not too sure what extra features I’d like to see but I’ll give it some thought and let you know.

It’s good that you let us know of your plans though including how you’re paying for the site because sometimes you do wonder on some of these investment websites if what they’re telling you is they’re own view or if it’s whoever is paying the piper.

I hope you continue to stick to your commitment to be independent of Henderson or any of the other companies you work with but I also think the little you reveled about what you’re planning with Henderson sounds like it might be more interesting than an annoying advert, though I’ll reserve judgement until I see it.


Need to get a clearer idea of the kind of things we can request?

I’m pretty new to this website but I’ve read quite a lot of articles on here and I like reviews, having the buying list page is a good idea and the Investor Clinic is interesting to read.

I’ve never commented in the forums until today but I have been looking at them and I have used the forums on iii for a few years and on Motley Fool and ADVFN. The problem with them is there is loads of angry little men arguing with each other. That doesnt seem to happen here and I think you should make sure it doesnt because when it gets nasty I just walk away and I bet most reasonable people do too.

I’m not sure about what more you can introduce but maybe more tools like Moningstar or Trustnet or whoever. It would be handy to look up performance data etc.

I can’t envisage what the Henderson thing will look like if the videos are interesting and too the point without dragging on too long then I think I would watch them. Fact sheets are always good too.


I agree with you @stgeorge - keep at bay the angry little men, though Motley Fool aint too bad.

And I’d like to see more tools too, like valuation and performance stuff but nothing too complicated.

I’m a fairly new user and I came here through Martin Lewis Money saving expert website because I like investment trusts. I’ve not been reading it for long enough to give an expert opinion but I think you’re doing the right things.

I like that you talk about how you’re funding it, nice to see a bit of honesty with investment websites.


Well done guys, great to see you doing so well. I have brought old colleagues and friends here. I use to work for an IFA firm as a Paraplanner, my old boss and one of the Director’s are on here now too. I’ve even managed to persuade them to use investment trusts with clients.

I’m not sure if I remember his name correctly but the IFA who writes about investment trusts James Pigott (something like that) maybe @james-pigott? My old boss was intrigued to find an IFA who used investment trusts.

It’s nice to see the sector being taken more seriously. Morningstar have good coverage now too.


Thanks @Jonno! The more the merrier and slowly the benefits of investing with ITs will spread. I did not start out with ITs. We went from Capital Investment Bonds in the 80’s to Unit Trusts and then in the late 90’s (I think) we switched entirely to IT’s. Even with all that the market has thrown at us I still think they are the best designed vehicle for investing for the long term and especially good for income.