Apprentice winner Ricky Martin makes a success of his partnership with Lord Sugar


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The 2012 winner of the BBC show announced a major expansion drive at his specialist recruitment business at an event in London alongside his mentor and business partner Lord Sugar. Ricky Martin is on ebullient form as he celebrates the fifth anniversary of his Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) business, a specialist recruiter focused on placing…


I remember Ricky on The Apprentice. It’s nice to see his business is doing so well, we don’t really hear much about the success or failures of past Apprentice winners, I think the BBC should do a past winners update, I’d love to know more about the winners and what happened to those characters who stand out.


Looks like he’s doing well, good luck to him. It’s interesting that he hasn’t agreed an exit plan for the business, Lord Sugar might be a long term investor than I imagined.


I noticed Trishna Thakrar, another Apprentice candidate works for HRS too, heading up their IT recruitment business. She was brilliant on the Apprentice.

One thing strange I notice is that although they call the business HRS the website domain is - bit of a disconnect there. Obviously they’ve changed the name at some point but they don’t own the domain, another company owns it. I wouldn’t have done that.


I’ve never heard of HRS and yet they cover the sector I work in. I might get a new job out them.

I remember Ricky on The Apprentice but can’t believe it’s been five years already. Gawd I’m getting older #40isgettinguncomfortablyclose