Alliance Trust goes green and announces a special dividend but is this tanker on the turn?


Alliance Trust (LON:ATST) has announce its annual results for the year ending 2014, reporting an NAV (net asset value) total return, which is the meas
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I actually think this sounds a little bit more interesting now and I am saying this for the first time ever. I like the thesis behind the new investment policy and I think that investing in companies with good governance can be a very profitable strategy.

I am not going to invest yet because I want to see more evidence of success. Maybe another 12 months or so of decent performance will catch my attention.


Is anyone running a book on how long this strategy will last? They lost me when they stopped having just geographic allocations and introduced ‘global’.

Will top-20 holding HSBC be sold given the shenanigans there? Doesn’t seem to fit in with today’s strategy. Private equity isn’t something that will sit right with everyone either.


Did you all notice the active share at 89.5. I assume its as a result of the new ethical investment strategy ensuring the portfolio of holdings diverges from the MSCI World.

I’m not sure that HSBC would fall fowl of their new policies @arkwelder but I agree with your point about changing investment strategies.

One thing for sure, Garrett-Cox won’t get another go at this if this strategy fails to work.



I prefer Witan or Bankers or even Caledonia though I know they are all quite different. Perhaps Bankers is most similar because it is fairly conservative and it pays a slightly higher dividend.

The discount is beginning to look attractive though because I believe they protect anything over 10%.

I shan’t be investing though.


I bought Alliance Trust and Bankers around the same time just over five years ago. I still hold them both but the difference in performance is startling. I could have increased my returns by nearly half if I’d invested all of the money in Bankers.

Interesting from the table above just how well Law Debenture has performed. That does surprise me. I know it was good, managed by James Henderson but I didn’t think it was that good.

I wonder how it compares to his other two investment trusts over the same period.


I think the new investment approach is interesting because I like to invest in companies that look after the world, their employees and customers. I really believe it is just good business because to neglect any one of those is to risk serious and potentially irreversible damage to your brand or business.

I will also be watching from the sidelines to see how they do but I don’t think Katherine the great will get another crack at the whip if this fails.


I have owned this since the 1990’s when I first came to the UK./ I bought a small holding with my first pay check and a little bit of savings, only £200. I’ve since invested a lot more but I am very happy with my investment and I have done well out of it.

I will be voting against anything these sharlatan hedge fund scavengers suggest. Alliance Trust has changed a lot and continues to change and for the better in my opinion.

Just remember this fact it has been increasing its dividend for 48 years in a row!