Alliance Trust acknowledges move from leader of female representation to laggard


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Following the departure of the female Chair and CEO, the trust is all male led, as it reports annual results after a tumultuous year for the Victorian era trust. Following the departure of chief executive Katherine Garrett-Cox, and Chair Karin Forseke, and Director Susan Noble, from the £2.6 billion investment trust, Alliance Trust (LON:ATST) has…


I’d never really thought about that before, I’m referring to Chairman versus Chair, but I’d always kind of thought Chair sounded daft but maybe I’m wrong on that and it’s just about getting sued to it.

I read in the Telegraph Lord Smith being referred to as Chariman though. Not sure if that’s just the Telegraph or if Alliance Trust have reverted back o the male name.


Does it really matter if they’re called chair or chairman? Personally I think Chairman sounds better and more normal.