Adviser Spotlight: James Pigott is one of the few IFA's who are ahead of the curve


IFA’s have historically rarely recommended investment trusts to clients despite their better performance record. James Pigott is an IFA who went again
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I never knew there were IFA’s who advised on investment trusts. I have seen his details in the links pages but I reckon there needs to be a better way for people to find IFA’s who advise on investment trusts.

I use the Motley Fool forums too and I’ve heard people on there ask about that.

Just a suggestion Whichinvestment guys but how about getting IFA’s who advise on investment trusts to write some stuff on here. I know a bit about SEO and they would be much easier to find on the internet generally if you publish some of their articles.

Also, if you do it you should both like to each others sites. That tells Google you’re respected. The WhichInvestmentTrust site will have a much higher ranking than an IFA site but you must both link to each other for it to work.


I have not found another! I would like to know if there is an IFA out there who solely uses Investment Trusts.
I have tried SEO, Google Ads, and I’m on many search sites and I think it is mainly a waste of time, and money. Life Offices and investment houses spend much more than I can and take top position. All my clients to date have been “word of mouth”. I will look at Motley Fool and maybe join in like I have here. I am trying the forum route and Twitter to some degree, but it all takes valuable time.
This site will appear on mine along with others like the AIC once my developer pulls his finger out. It has felt like I am shouting in an empty room the last few years as I wish more people would at least use ITs for income and it has been income that people want. Yields now are not so good, the sweet spot went long ago. I’d be happy to post the odd blog here.


Getting to the top isn’t necessarily about spending money.

You just need good content and links with decent and appropriate websites. You shouldn’t leave it to your IT guy to fix your links you should be able to do that yourself.

Try and add more reciprocated links with authoritative websites in your industry.


Thanks for the feedback @Malcolm.

I don’t know of IFA’s who specialise in investment trusts to the extent that James does but there are others who do use them.

We will carry an article from @james-pigott soon.

Many thanks


Investment trusts perform better than open ended funds. There’s a lot of research confirming that from the brokers, I’ve read things on here and other websites.

It’s refreshing therefore to find an IFA who works with them for his clients.

I’m an ex-Paraplanner with all the CII qualifications so I do all my own stuff.

I’m defo recommend you to people though James, or at least that they give you a try.

And like @Malcolm said write some stuff on here and get yer name about (If WhichInvestmentTrust allow that sort of thing).

I use to work at a company that is now part of Towry and one of the top IFA’s had very few clients (he was an ex-Paraplanner). He started writing articles giving advice etc and it made him seem an expert and he stated getting loads of clients.

I originally wanted to be an IFA but took over my father’s business, which was a good move for me .

I always thought that I would move to another firm and copy him though.

Make sure you let your clients know you have been covered in articles like on here though.


Love to know the trusts you’re adding to Mr Pigott.

It’s nice to see some IFA’s are leading the pack. i mean not many IFA’s could say that RDR didn’t effect them much beyond having to take some exams.

Seems like a good bloke.