Advice on RNS updates for investment trusts?


I get RNS updates on two investment trusts but the way I have it set up means I get several emails every few weeks.

I’d like to add announcements for more trusts I’m interested n but I’m put off by the prospect of my inbox filling up with RNS emails.

This got me thinking, is there a website I could use where I could set up an RNS watch list and just read them there?

Does anyone else follow RNS announcements and have any suggestions for how I could do his?



Can’t you just set up filter in your email @abdulmol so that the RNS emails go right in to their own folder.

You’ll still get a lot of emails but at least they won’t clog up your inbox.


Digital Look might do the job. You can create portfolios and the RNS for the companies in the portfolio will be listed under the News tab. Don’t use it myself, so can’t say what any drawbacks might be. If I remember rightly then similar can be done with portfolios on the London Stock Exchange. I did it problems of one kind or another with these - but can’t remember now what it was exactly.

I usually just look at the daily announcments on AIC’s site, but there are drawbacks to this too: only those RNS by members of the AIC are shown (so no 3i Infrastructure, for example); the daily gearing annpuncments for the JP Morgan ITs; month and quarter ends can result in a good many announcments. The advantage of this AIC list being that and interesting RNS might be seen for an IT that isn’t currently being monitored.


I generally use investegate ( to keep track of announcements - it has a category for Investment Trusts, which is partially helpful - though I find that a number of trusts don’t come under the IT category.
So its a bit more hit and miss - but you can easy search by ticker for anything you are interested in. It excludes the NAV announcements (but not the JP Morgan daily gearing updates annoyingly) - so you generally get a page or two of updates per day. You can filter by type of announcement as well.

Another site with a potentially useful view is quoted data ( which summarises the key announcements (results etc.) as they come in.


I’d never quite figured all of this out either so I’m butting in to @abdulmol post because I’d to learn how to do this too.

I have a Digital Look account but I didn’t know I could RNS info from them.

I will try this and Investegate out and see what’s best for me.

Thanks for the tips @scjim and @arkwelder @chrisbu

*Off point, but I like the way these forums look and work. Using the @ symbol like Twitter is neat.