Advice on fund shortlist


Hi folks - looking for other people’s thoughts on the funds I’ve shortlisted below - any bad ideas here or other funds I should consider?

These are for my ISA, I have around 45k to invest. I also have some cash set aside and a company pension which is entirely invested in tracker funds.

My goals are as follows:

  • Long time horizon (10-20 years) and comfortable with risk
  • Reasonable diversification including across different managers
  • Generally looking for funds that have outperformed over ~20 year period
  • Want exposure to privately held businesses, direct asset investments etc as this is where I feel active management can really add to returns
  • Like managers who focus on value and capital preservation
Still undecided about a couple of things:
  • Want a bit of exposure to the tech industry, apart from that I'm unsure whether to try and balance the portfolio across sectors/regions, or rely on the managers do this for me
  • Depending on weights these funds would give me about 25% exposure to the UK, not sure if this is too little as my living costs will be very correlated with the UK economy
Funds I've shortlisted below, I would probably put ~5% each in the tech funds and 10-15% in the rest.
  • Rothschild Capital Partners
  • British Empire
  • Woodford Patient Capital
  • Herald Investment Trust
  • Polar Capital Tech
  • Caledonia
  • Foreign & Colonial
  • Scottish Mortgage
  • TR Property