Aberdeen North American income manager resigns


Paul Atkinson who has managed the trust since its conversion from a tracker is leaving to return to his family in the UK. North America Income (LON:NA
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Did he fall or was he pushed? If dividend paying stocks are our of favour then there is no chance he could beat the US market but of course nothing is forever and when dividend payers become popular again the pendulum could swing back in NAIT’s favour.

To answer my own questions, I don’t know? But I’d be surprised if Aberdeen pushed someone less than two years in to trying out a new strategy.

I don’t own this but I had looked at both this and the Blackrock trust that launched a short time after. I think going for income isn’t bad idea over the long term in the US.


We’ll never know I suppose @malcolm. When I looked at this trust I thought it was a bit overly complicated. I would have preferred that it invested in companies with a commitment to paying dividends that they could afford to grow over time.

If it did this I would not be concerned by a little bit of under performance over the short term. I think that maybe they were chasing after performance and hence the buying of Bonds and using Hedge fund strategies too I remember reading.

The Blackrock North American Income trust has not done any better.

I hope the new manager will just stick to doing what it says on the tin and getting his performance over time, not over 18 months or however long it has been.