Aberdeen New Dawn has a long term of delivering growth and income


Launched in 1989 Aberdeen New Dawn Investment trust has proved a stellar long term performer with its experienced management team and disciplined inve
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For a buy and hold investor, which is what I am this is perfect. Because it takes less risk than the overall market though it doesn’t capture all of the top growth, something this article fails to point out. But most investors in my view don’t want the highest growth because it brings with it a higher level of risk.

Pacific Assets investment trust from First State Stewart is another contender, both quite similar in their cautious approach.



I have an ISA with Santander that’s paying very little. It earns very little and I’d like it to do more. I’m wondering about investing in this but I don’t understand a lot about this type of investment.

I wonder if anyone have a few pointers for me to think about that I might not have considered?



By my calculations High Young has a stake worth £122500 in this which is quite punchy.

This article serves as a reminder that Aberdeen are a pretty safe pair of hands when it comes to managing money in Asia.

I really like the Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies investment trust too, stellar performance and complementary to a holding in New Dawn.

I think the perfect way to invest in a fund like this is to drip feed it monthly in to the market via you trading account or even that investment trust savings scheme they run ( I don’t have it but I have looked at it and it’s ruddy cheap).



@DelorisMM there are so many questions we would need to ask you before answering that such as how long you can keep the month invested, how you feel about risk, the purpose of the money, etc.

By all means have a go here if you like but the Investor Clinic they have on this site might be of more help to you. I’m not sure exactly how it works, I think they send you a form or something.

Here’s a link to the page if you want a butchers http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/investor-clinic/



If you want to invest in this part of the world and most investors should because of there’s more growth here and less debt, then I think Aberdeen generally are a safe pair of hands and New Dawn in particular is a good minder of yer hard earned dosh.

It might not shoot the lights out when the bully-boys are in attendance but importantly for me and most people I expect investing in New Daw isn’t going to lose you loads of money and sleep because they invest in real money making businesses and not just jam tomorrow’s fast growth or bust businesses.


I’ve owned a stake in this for some time and it’s been a great little performer. My only regret is I originally invested too little in it. I’ve topped it up now because I think there’s a lot more growth to come from here in years to come.


It’s on a pretty big discount right now which surprises me when you look at its performance.

It just proves how short termist too many investors are. Along with Pacific Assets this is best of class IMHO.


Aberdeen are a class act in this region. If you take the buy and hold approach for this, which I do, you only need to top up in dull patches or when the discount temps you in. The danger is that with such good performance this can become a large part of your portfolio.

Other comments about GDP’s non-correlation to stock market growth is very true and there are the hidden options like Finsbury Growth & Income which deals with brands and quality products - previously bought by Chinese high-flyers. So that is one remote way to tap into the real growth. When China comes back on line we should be buying shares in luxury goods, mainly Italian, and if that works then @CityGirl you can get the goods themselves!


Yeah I think you can’t go far wrong with Aberdeen and what @james-pigott writes sounds like good advice (hope I’ve got the name writing right, It’s like Twitter year?).

I bet if you’ve held them since 12005 you must have done well there @charles. In fact I think it’s your round pal :wink:


Haha, my problem is I spend too much on those Italian luxury goods already @james-pigott when I should maybe be buying Gucci/Prada shares instead! I’m sure I must make up for the lack of Chinese big spenders! :slight_smile: