Aberdeen goes shopping for an emerging market investment trust specialist


Originally published at: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/aberdeen-goes-shopping-for-an-emerging-market-investment-trust-specialist/
Aberdeen is buying the manager of Advance Developing Markets and Advance Frontier Markets investment trusts in an acquisition that complements Aberdeen’s exiting strength in emerging markets. Advanced Emerging Capital (AEC) is a small four person boutique based in London, following the deal, expected to complete in the fourth quarter of this year, the team will…


I wonder if Aberdeen will be introducing their investment style to the Advance trusts, because they haven’t been working very well of late, and don’t seem to work too well in single country funds or trusts.

The Advance trust have a really low profile because they’re part of such a small fund house so they should benefit from being part of Aberdeen’s marketing machine I guess.


Advance Emerging Markets trust has a great long term track record but they’ve not done so well recently @rubindd much like the Aberdeen range, though their style is different. I don’t see this deal as having much impact upon how they invest, it’ll have more of an impact I expect upon the marketing of the funds, Aberdeen is obviously so much better resourced being the UK’s biggest fund manger. .

When you think about it, four people actually achieved very much so this is probably a better deal for Aberdeen even though it looks like a pretty good deal for the Advance guys too.