Aberdeen Asian Income: A richly rewarding adventure


Asia is often viewed as a dynamic growth region containing exciting emerging nations. While this is largely true there is also an interesting dividend
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This sounds like a brilliant fund but it’s on a premium right now and I find it hard to buy on a premium.

I’ve added it to my watch list. Who knows, if the markets head south a wee bit I might get a chance to get in.

What does everyone else think? Do you buy on premiums?


That’s what I do @alexbarr add it too my watch list and I set a price and when it triggers I buy it (unless the wife’s been to Selfridges again).

I have bought trusts on premiums before though. Someone wiser than me once said to me something that makes sense, he said investors buy shares in companies at a multiple of book value, that’s the same as NAV. He though as long as you are a long term investor you should be ok, it all washes out in the wash (did I say that right?).

I’m not sure if he’s right but if I look at trusts I’ve bought at a premium I’m making profits from all of them except for a property fund I shouldn’t have bought.


It’s on a premium because the management are such a good team.

Having said that, putting an alert on your watchlist isn’t a bad idea but for my money if you’re a long term investor, who cares if it’s on a slight premium.