61% of Financial Advisers increasing exposure to Emerging Markets


The figures come from a survey of Wealth Managers, and follows recent evidence that institutional investors are turning positive too. So is the smart
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You’d be crazy to buy the Fundsmith fund on a 10% premium.

JP Morgan EM Income has done really well, I hadn’t noticed that one. JPM have an awful lot of trusts eh.

Besides the JPM Income one Templeton and Genesis would be my pick. I know nothing about Utilico or Advance EM. What does everyone else use?


I’m not in emerging markets right now. I used to own F&C Emerging Markets unit trust which didn’t do very well.

Quite a few of the invest trusts here I’ve never heard off. Utilico? What is that. Great performance, I wonder what that’s about.

A financial adviser for the wealthy I met told me he thought small investors like me should use investment trusts for emerging markets because they were better suited to them and performed better because of inflows of money he said. He meant they were easier to manage because money didn’t leave or enter at the worn time.

I’m tempted just to go for Templeton though I wonder if it’s got too big. The JP Morgan Income one looks interesting too, and Maybe Genesis (never heard of this one either).

Fundsmith I would buy if it wasn’t on such a ruddy great premium. I expect they’ll issue more shares but who knows how long you’ll have to wait.