5 reasons to be bullish on UK housebuilders


When the Office for National Statistics (ONS) surveyed the living situation of 20-34 yr olds in 2013 they highlighted the crisis of a lost generation:
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It would handy if you posted a link to the trust because I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought oh, let’s have a closer look at Neil Hermon’s investment trust.

It’s an interesting argument he makes because I had kind of thought that the boat had sailed with housebuilders but maybe not.


Sorry I forgot to respond to your email Whichinvestmenttrust but the links to the AIC and the Henderson trust website is perfect and is just what I wanted.

Thanks again for emailing me so promptly. I’ll try not to forget next time :-


Performance is actually really good for this trust it’s just that it has a lower profile than the Standard Life and Aberforth smaller company trusts. It’s beaten both its index and its peers going as far back as 10 years.

I wonder if he has an open ended version?